1.25" Burst Memory Gauge


The 1.25” Burst Memory Gauge has ultra-fast sampling capabilities. This pressure gauge will capture a perforation event, at a rate of 32,000 samples per second. There are 3 sampling speeds:

Slow Speed = As fast as 1 sample / second
Intermediate Speed = 10,000 samples / second
Fast Speed = User Selectable 32,000 or 16,000 samples / second

The gauge has non-volatile memory, so the data will not be lost when you disconnect the battery pack. The Burst Tool can store up to 8 high speed sampling events. One high speed event will capture 500,000 samples, or ~15 seconds of data at the Fast Speed. The Burst Tool can also store up to 1 million Slow Speed data samples. The current Burst Tool works at temperatures up to 150°C and pressures up to 30,000 psi.


  • 32,000 Samples Per Second

  • Super Seal Technology - 30,000 psi @ 1.25” OD

  • Absolute Pressure Trigger (Level Trigger)

  • Delta Pressure Trigger (Window Trigger)

  • Electron Beam Welded Sensor

  • Shock Mounted Electronics

  • Inconel 718 – NACE MR0175


Like all DataCan products, the Burst Tool operates using the same simple and easy to use program and download software as all other DataCan products. A change in sample rate can be initiated in three ways:

Normal = Change sample rates at pre-programmed time intervals
Absolute Pressure Trigger = Change rate at a pre-programmed absolute pressure setpoint
Delta Pressure Trigger = Change rate after a pre-programmed change in pressure over time

DataCan piezo gauges have shock mounted electronics making them very reliable.

1.25" Burst Memory Gauge