LineWise System and Software

LineWise System and Software

The LineWise System is a basic acquisition system for recording and displaying surface measurements.


The LineWise System contains the following applications:

Depth Panel
- Measures depth, speed from encoder input
- provides depth,speed information for logging systems
- Depth and other data can be output in text file format to merge with DataCan Memory Gauges
or Mini Logging Tool
- configurable for any make or model of measuring head, including DataCan Slickline Measuring
Head (metric or imperial) or DataCan Braided Line Measuring Head (metric or imperial)
or DataCan Universal Measuring Head

Weight Indicator
- Used for wireline tension measurement
- compatible with most tension measurement devices:
- DataCan Inline Tension
- S-link
- Hydraulic Weight indicator
- configurable to most analog sensors

Winch Control
- detects over-tension and under-tension conditions
- user configurable limits
- transmits signal to stop winch movement
Pressure Indicator
- Used for wellhead pressure measurement
- can be configured for pressure testing applications
- configurable to any analog or frequency input

CCL Meter (shooting CCL)
- connects to perforating panel CCL output (DataCan or other manufacturers)
- indicates casing collars during perforating operations
- configurable to any 0-5V analog input

LineWise System and Software
  • User configurable displays for measurements that are recorded to computer hard drive
  • Four analog inputs compatible with 0-5V, 4-20mA or 0-10V, one configurable to mV signal
  • One encoder input for Depth measurement
  • Provides depth information for Premier Logging system, can be configured for use with Warrior
  • Samples up to 20 times per second
  • Four analog inputs compatible with 0-5V, 4-20mA or 0-10V, one configurable to mV signal
  • Can interface with the DataCan DTD Panel, the Winch Shutdown Control System

    The LineWise System was designed for use with wireline trucks or skids, and is compatible with any slickline or braided line application. LineWise can be used with e-line logging systems and/or slickline mechanical operations. The software is easy to install and use, requiring no drivers for the USB communication, and is compatible with all current versions of Windows.

    Contact the DataCan Sales Team for further details on Pressure testing, Pull testing, and Pump truck configurations for LineWise.

    LineWise System and Software