Digital Chart Recorder

Digital Chart Recorder

Use your computer to log either a circular or rectangular (X-Y) chart. Data is easily stored and shared with other users.


Any pressure or temperature transmitter can be turned into a digital chart recorder. Chart recorder software is loaded onto a laptop, and a special USB cable is attached directly to the transmitter. The Cable can be up to 100 feet long, and is oil resistant. The chart recorder software is very easy to use. One button for stop and one for go. You can toggle between the classic spiral and a standard x-y graph. The laptop continuously stores data to a user determined text file which can be e-mailed or viewed at any time. This digital chart recorder solution is great for customers who do not want to store and file physical Barton charts. Multiple transmitters can be operating and running at one time.

Digital Chart Recorder
  • Easy to Use Software
  • Digital Chart Records
  • Multiple Sensor
  • Custom Pin or Box Connections Upon Request
Digital Chart Recorder