Multi-Channel Piezo

Multi-Channel Piezo

Manometer to measure up to 4 surface pressures. Available with CSA Zone 0 Intrinsically Safe rating.


The Multi-Channel Piezo is the second generation wellhead logger that gives users much more flexibility when designing a surface testing suite. The Multi-Channel Piezo has all of the features of the Single Channel Piezo, but you can now add multiple transmitters to one data logger. The enclosure was redesigned to meet our specific packaging needs. Up to 3 additional external devices can be connected to the device at a single time. The main unit and each external pressure transmitter can be screwed onto the wellhead to measure readings such as: tubing, casing and vent pressures. The logger contains an internal battery pack to power the unit. The user can also supply external power through the SCADA / Modbus connector. When external power is applied the battery is electrically disconnected.

Multi-Channel Piezo
  • Extreme Service Reliability
  • -30°C to 60°C Temperature Range
  • 20 Million Sample Capacity
  • High Pressure Connections
  • Battery Life Up to 12 Months
  • RS-485 ModBus Connection
  • Single Internal Temperature and Pressure Measurement
  • Connect up to 3 External Devices
  • Easy to use Software for Programming & Data Analysis
  • Powered by Large 2 x D Battery Pack

The Multi-Channel Piezo logger is intrinsically safe making it safe to use in hazardous areas. The Multi-Channel Piezo logger also has an exceptionally long battery life and produces the same high quality data that our downhole gauges produce; data that is high accuracy and high resolution while being very reliable in its robust, all weather enclosure.

Multi-Channel Piezo