Capillary Tube with Thermocouple

Capillary Tube with Thermocouple

Estimated down hole pressure based upon bubble tube pressure, TVD, average bottom hole temperature.


The DataCan Capillary Tube with Thermocouple Logger is used with an already installed bubble tube system (long capillary tubes containing nitrogen). Using the Capillary Tube Logger’s pressure measurements at surface and known properties of nitrogen, customers are able to calculate downhole pressures at desired depths. The thermocouple connection allows customers to also measure downhole temperatures by converting a temperature-dependent voltage into a temperature measurement.
The Capillary Tube with Thermocouple Logger is most often used in higher temperature applications as it can withstand very high temperatures and is very accurate/sensitive to changes in temperature. Thermocouple types K, J, N, R, S, T, B, and E are supported by automatic cold junction compensation and linearization. The logger is supplied with a Type K thermocouple extension wire that connects to the logger via an external, weatherproof, Amphenol connector. Once connected and turned on, the display shows the real time pressure and temperature data while the logger records this data. There is a ¼” NPT connection on the bottom of the logger that is to be mounted to the desired pressure source. A ½” NPT bushing is available upon request.

Capillary Tube with Thermocouple
  • Welded Sensor – No O-Rings
  • Extreme Service Reliability
  • 1 Million Sample Capacity
  • Explosion Proof Enclosure
  • Powered by Large 2 x D Battery Pack

The Capillary Tube with Thermocouple logger’s explosion proof enclosure and simple design makes it both safe and very easy to use. The Capillary Tube Logger also has an exceptionally long battery life and produces the same high quality data that our downhole gauges produce; data that is high accuracy and high resolution while being very reliable in its robust, all weather enclosure.

Capillary Tube with Thermocouple