Shut In Tool

DataCan’s instant close, multi-cycle shut in tool eliminates well bore storage effects resulting in better data and saving customers’ time and money.

Instant close - DataCan has a unique valve design that closes instantaneously giving the production engineer the best available pressure build up data. Multi cycle - DataCan’s valve has the ability to re-open and close multiple times. This is necessary when reservoir engineers are performing three or four point isochronal pressure tests. DataCan’s production and injection valve designs are patented in the United Stated and Canada. High temperature use - Our motor and controls circuit has recently operated in a production 151°C gas condensate well. This well is the highest field temperature DataCan has seen and is a milestone for shut in tool operations. DataCan can confidently rate its drive section to 150 °C. Further engineering is in progress to raise the operating temperature of the downhole shut in tool to 165° C and higher. Shock resistance - The DataCan instant close, multi-cycle, downhole shut in tool is highly durable. Shut in tools are often mounted below locks or plugs. As such, it is necessary that our valve and drive section are capable of withstanding the most physical of downhole conditions.