Surface Box with Color Touchscreen

Surface Box with Color Touchscreen

Similar to the Surface Box, the addition of the touchscreen allows you to see the real-time output of multiple gauges without the need for a laptop.


A real time reservoir monitoring system for; progressive cavity pump, hydraulic lift (sucker rod), gas lift, observation and injection wells. DataCan’s Surface Box with Color Touchscreen is designed to display, record, and output the real-time data of multiple gauges. The gauges can be in a single well on a single wire (multi-gauge), or from multiple wells on a single pad (multi-well), or a combination of both. DataCan Piezo and Quartz sensors, Surface transmitters, RTD’s, and Thermocouples can be connected. The box can output an RS-485, or 4-20mA signal. Additionally, DataCan can install a Data2Desk system with a remote Cellular or Satellite connection.

Surface Box with Color Touchscreen
  • 7” Color Touchscreen Display & Interface
  • Connect up to 4 downhole gauges (4 telemetry cards)
  • Connect up to 4 VFDs. Data logged to memory and output via Modbus or Ethernet
  • Modbus connection to external SCADA system over RS-485 or Ethernet
  • 20 Million Sample Capacity (1 GB)
  • Set-Up and Program Via Touchscreen or Ethernet Remote Terminal
  • Integrated Transient Power Suppression against Lightning
  • Easy and Simple Installation
  • Optional Data2Desk Remote Monitoring System
  • Optional Internal Heater
  • Set up and download via any USB Flash Drive
  • Pass-thru VFD Interrogation From Remote Terminal
  • Simultaneous Remote Interrogation of Multiple Masters

The Surface Box with Color Touchscreen means you don’t need to have a laptop to set-up, download, or view your data. The design has low power requirements, allowing it to operate on a single 12V automobile battery for months. The memory has enough capacity to store one second data from a single gauge for over 10 years. There are no limits to the number or type of DataCan sensors being connected to, or outputting from, this device.

Surface Box with Color Touchscreen