1.25" Quartz DXB Memory Pressure Gauge

1.25" Quartz DXB Memory Pressure Gauge


The 1.25” Quartz DXB has a larger diameter barrel than the 0.75” Quartz, which allows for a larger battery to run the gauge for a long duration job. The 1.25” DXB Quartz is characterized by its electron beam welded sensor, super seal technology connection, and maximized temperature response due to the geometry of the sensor. The board is shock mounted in a long term reliability package to protect your data from vibration and drops and extend electronics life. The 1.25” Quartz DXB also has the highest maximum pressure rating of 30,000 psi and highest maximum temperature rating of 200°C, hence for high pressures and high temperature applications, the 1.25” DXB Quartz design is perfect.

*Make sure to use the battery calculator in the DataCan download software to determine maximum job length for specific applications.

  • Super Seal Technology
  • 30,000 psi @ 1.25” OD
  • 200°C Option
  • Modular Memory for Easy Field Replacement
  • 2 Million Sample Capacity
  • Inconel 718 or MP35N – NACE MR0175
  • Fast Response

DataCan quartz gauges, including the 1.25” DXB, use industry leading fast temperature response transducers with industry proven reliability. Since DataCan’s quartz gauges have low power consumption, resulting in longer battery life, the cost to perform a job is cheaper than the competition. The modular memory makes it easy for customers to adapt their tool to best suit their needs. DataCan program and download software is industry leading with the fastest graphing package available that is both customizable and easy to use.

Quick Specs
OD Maximum Temperature Maximum Pressure Battery Duration*
1.25" 200°C 30,000 psi 7.5 months
1.25" Quartz DXB Memory Pressure Gauge