1.5" Gaslift Memory Gauge Carrier

1.5" Gaslift Memory Gauge Carrier


The 1.5” side pocket piezo carrier is shaped like a 1.5” gas lift valve, which allows the customer to deploy the piezo carrier the same way you would run a 1.5” gas lift valve in a side pocket mandrel. The carrier holds a ¾” piezo memory gauge and can measure either tubing or annulus pressure. AA battery packs are used in 0.75” OD piezo gauges, which limits the duration the tool can be “on” downhole, typically no more than 2 to 3 months.

  • Shock Mounts a ¾” Gauge - High Strength Spring, Medium Strength Spring, Elastomeric Dampener
  • Annulus or Tubing Sensing
  • SS17-4 or Inconel 718

The biggest benefit of the 1.5” side pocket piezo carrier is a customer can deploy a gauge without interfering with the wellbore. DataCan piezo gauges also have excellent efficiency, meaning the battery life of the tool is just as good, if not better than competitors. DataCan piezo gauges have shock mounted electronics which means they have high reliability.

DataCan program and download software is industry leading with the fastest graphing package available that is both customizable and easy to use.

Quick Specs
OD Battery Duration* Benefit
1.5" 2.5 months 1.5" Side Pocket
1.5" Gaslift Memory Gauge Carrier