1.375" Welded Piezo Memory Pressure Gauge

1.375" Welded Piezo Memory Pressure Gauge


The 1.375” Welded Piezo IV is our flagship piezo tool. This tool is rugged and robust. It has all of the best design characteristics in mind. The sensor is welded and available for easy maintenance. The board is shock mounted for vibration and drops. The “C” sized battery pack is locking and large enough for long duration jobs. And the three o-rings and metal to metal seal prevent leaks from entering and can therefore operate up to 30,000 psi. This is DataCan’s most robust piezo pressure gauge.

  • Super Seal Technology – 30,000 psi @ 1.375” OD
  • Electron Beam Welded
  • Higher Reliability – Shock Mounted Electronics
  • 10 Samples/Second Standard
  • Up to 470 Hz Sample Rate Option
  • Pressure Trigger Option
  • Up to 10 Million Sample Capacity
  • Inconel 718 – NACE MR0175

DataCan piezo gauge design is one of the smallest most compact designs in the industry, which ultimately helps decrease the cost of the tool. DataCan piezo gauges also have excellent efficiency, meaning the battery life of the tool is just as good, if not better than competitors.

DataCan’s download software, complete with battery calculator, allows you to program your tool, graph your data, and create a report for your customer.

Quick Specs
OD Battery Duration* Benefit
1.375" 9.5 months Durable and Long Lasting
1.375" Welded Piezo Memory Pressure Gauge