Data2Desk Jobox

Data2Desk Jobox

DFIT - 8 wells on one pad.


Real-time permanent monitoring, diagnostic injection frac monitoring, and off-set well monitoring. It allows the user to view well bottom hole and surface data in real-time, from any location, using a secure web server.

Data2Desk Jobox
  • 8 Surface Gauge (Quartz or Piezo)
  • Set Alarms
  • Change Sample Rate Remotely
  • 20 Million sample capacity.

    The Data2Desk system is cost-effective and convenient as it saves the cost of having personnel drive out to the site to check the well status. It also allows users to view current and historical data, observe data trends, set alarms, and change data sampling rates, all from a secure web server.

    Data2Desk Chart

    Data2Desk Jobox