1.25" Quartz Passthru

1.25" Quartz Passthru

Multi-gauge (up to 8) middle gauge.


DataCan’s Multi-Gauge Passthru Quartz Tool is used for multi gauge applications. It has the capability to connect up to 8 gauges on a single conductor. The passthru gauge acts as a pressure gauge and a WYE splice, reducing the number of connections needed, and making it a more cost effective, and reliable option.

  • 8 Gauges on a Single Conductor
  • No WYE Needed
  • Dual Protection Metal to Metal Seal Design
  • Corrosion Resistant - NACE MR0175

    The Multi-Gauge Passthru Quartz Tool is quick and easy to install and produces high quality well or reservoir data in real time. Its fully welded construction, dual protection metal to metal seal design, and hermetically sealed electronics, make it a very reliable gauge. Since it acts as both a gauge and a WYE splice, it helps reduce the cost of the permanent system while increasing reliability.

    Quick Specs
    OD Maximum Temperature Maximum Pressure
    1.25" 150°C 20,000 psi

    1.25" Quartz Passthru