0.75" Piezo Perm

0.75" Piezo Perm

Multi-gauge bottom or single-gauge


DataCan’s Multi-Gauge Piezo Bottom Pressure Tool can be used on its own or at the bottom of a multi-gauge pressure system.

  • Fully Welded Construction
  • Hermetically Sealed
  • Corrosion Resistant - NACE MR0175
  • Slim 0.75” Diameter

    The Multi-Gauge Piezo Bottom Pressure Tool is easy to install and produces high quality reservoir data in real time. It’s fully welded construction, dual protection metal to metal seal design, and hermetically sealed electronics make it a very reliable product. This is the final gauge in a multi-gauge system. Alternatively, this gauge can be used on it’s own as a single gauge in a single gauge system.

    The Crimp-y-doo, at the heart of DataCan's new gauge design, ensures correct wire prep and prevents the TEC conductor from pulling up into the armor. If you find yourself assembling a gauge without a crimpy-doo, you just better crimp-y-don't!

    Quick Specs
    OD Maximum Temperature Maximum Pressure
    0.75" 150°C 15,000 psi

    0.75" Piezo Perm