Complete System

Complete System

Every permanent monitoring system is custom built to suit the specific needs of each application. DataCan has engineered multiple solutions for each component of the permanent monitoring assembly.


The following questions help to establish what permanent monitoring solution will be provided:

What type of installation?
Axially hung (drop spool)?
Tubing deployed?
Casing deployed?
What is the bottom-hole pressure and temperature?
What pressure data do you require?
Quartz = Up to 225°C, 0.00006% F.S. Resolution, Drift <3% per year?
Piezo = Up to 150°C, 0.003% F.S. Resolution, Drift <3% per year?
How many downhole gauges on one line?
Do you want redundant gauges, and lines?
Do you need any surface sensors?
What type of tubing and casing?
Sizes, Weights, Connections?
What depth will the gauges be?
What level of corrosion - H2S, C02?
Is there power at surface?
Is the well deviated?
Do you want remote data collection – if so, is a cell phone signal available?

Complete System
Complete System