Spooling Unit

Spooling Unit

Air or Hydraulic


DataCan offers either an Air Spooler or Hydraulic Spooler, both of which are used to run conductor cable into the well. Both spoolers come with through spool communication via two conductor split ring. The spooling units have up to 60” diameter spool capacity and a split bearings and shaft for easy spool changes.

The Air Spooler comes with an air driven, 5 HP, variable speed motor. It has a bi-directional drive with free spooling. This means, during completion, the spooling unit supplies just enough force to produce tension on the line so the wire can follow the depth of the tubing as the tubing is installed. The Air Spooler requires compressed air to operate. For best operation, supply should provide a minimum of 20 cfm at 50 psi. Reduce pressure flow will reduce the amount of force provided by the unit and will reduce its operating speed.

The Hydraulic Spooling Unit comes with a gas driven, 14 HP, 404cc variable speed motor, with a gas reservoir included, making it self-sufficient. It is often used in drop spool applications, where the depth of the conductor cable is controlled by the spooler.

Spooling Unit
  • Air Driven 5 HP Variable Speed Motor or Gas Driven 14 HP, 404cc Motor
  • Bi-Directional Drive
  • Up to 60” Diameter Spool Capacity
  • Split Bearings and Shaft for Easy Spool Changes
  • Through Spool Communication via 2 Conductor Slip Rings

    Since the Air Spooler has free spooling, it does not need a full time operator during installation, making it more cost effective.

    Both Spoolers are designed for easy spool replacement. The built in dual conductor split ring allows users to get real time data during install.

    Spooling Unit