1.25" Quartz DCQ II

1.25" Quartz DCQ II

Extended duration battery life.


The 1.25” Quartz DCQ II has the largest internal diameter barrel volume available, which allows for a larger battery to energize the gauge for extra-long term tests. The DCQ II Quartz Gauge was specifically designed for long term gauge hanger applications in extreme environments. 120 days of downhole quartz pressure data in 160°C gas wells. We have long term downhole experience with this tool in Saudi Arabia, the North Sea, and the Eagleford Shale.

*Make sure to use the battery calculator in the DataCan download software to determine maximum job length for specific applications.

  • Designed For Extra Long Term Tests
  • One Leak Path
  • Metal to Metal C-Ring
  • Triple O-Ring
  • 200°C Option
  • 8 Million Sample Capacity
  • Inconel 718 or MP35N – NACE MR0175
  • Fast Response

    The extended battery pack and tripple o-ring sealing solution on the DCQ 2 were specifically designed to capture data in long term high-temperature oil and gas wells. The DCQ 2 is our premier extended duration quartz gauge.

    Quick Specs
    OD Maximum Temperature Maximum Pressure Memory Capacity
    1.25" 200°C 20,000 psi 8 Million Samples

    1.25" Quartz DCQ II