0.75" Quartz DCQ

0.75" Quartz DCQ


The shortest slimhole 0.75” diameter gauge available. Quartz Gauge uses a AA battery as its power source. Limited space is available for gauge carrier, coiled tubing, and DST operations and the AA battery is the smallest form factor available for powering a quartz tool. Hence, a 0.75" OD is currently the smallest diameter quartz memory tool.

*Make sure to use the battery calculator in the DataCan download software to determine maximum job length for specific applications.

  • 15” Long
  • 0.00006% Full-Scale Resolution
  • 200°C
  • 8 Million Sample Capacity
  • Inconel 718 and MP35N – NACE MR0175
  • Electron Beam Welded
  • Fast Temperature Response
  • Easy to Use Software

    The world's smallest quartz gauge provides operators with the highest data stability and resolution. DataCan recommends quartz gauges in all wells with bottom hole temperatures above 135°C.

    Quick Specs
    OD Maximum Temperature Maximum Pressure Memory Capacity
    0.75" 200°C 25,000 psi 8 Million Samples

    0.75" Quartz DCQ