1.5" Gaslift Carrier

1.5" Gaslift Carrier

Holds a 0.75" Piezo


The 1.5” side pocket piezo carrier is shaped like a 1.5” gas lift valve and allows the customer to deploy the piezo carrier the same way you would run a 1.5” gas lift valve in a side pocket mandrel. The carrier holds a ¾” piezo memory gauge and can measure either tubing or annulus pressure.

  • Shock Mounts a ¾” Gauge
  • Annulus or Tubing Sensing
  • SS17-4 or Inconel 718

    Deploy a gauge without interfering with the wellbore in your 1.5" sidepocket.

    Quick Specs
    OD Energy Dampening
    1.5" Spring and Rubber Cushion

    1.5" Gaslift Carrier