1.375" Piezo IV

1.375" Piezo IV

Semi-permanent installation.


This tool was designed for extremely harsh environments, both physically and chemically. This downhole pressure gauge is often hung below the strainer on a rod lift pump or below plugs during an offset fracture job. When running the tool below a rod pump, the operator captures the reservoir and artificial lift performance data without the cost slickline. When the pump dies, the tool is recovered for free and semi-permanent data is evaluated post mortem.

*Make sure to use the battery calculator in the DataCan download software to determine maximum job length for specific applications.

  • 11 Million Sample Capacity
  • Super Seal Triple Technology
  • Electron Beam Welded Sensor
  • Locking Battery Pack
  • Shock Mounted Electronics
  • 470 Hz Sample Rate Varient Available - Contact DataCan for Part Number
  • Inconel 718 – NACE MR0175

    Made of Inconel 718, the Piezo 4 tool has a welded piezoresistive sensor and a triple super seal battery barrel connection with a lock battery pack. The circuit is designed with a 10 million sample capacity and very low power sleep. This gauge will provide over a year of 30 second sample rate data with a "C" cell battery at a well temperature of 125 °C.

    Quick Specs
    OD Memory Capacity Housing Material
    1.375" 11 Million Samples Inconel 718

    1.375" Piezo IV