1.25" Piezo III & RTD

1.25" Piezo III & RTD

Gaslift - Leak Detection


The downhole pressure gauge has a fast response external temperature sensor for looking at flow regimes in an oil and gas well. Temperature gradient surveys are an excellent method of identifying leaks. Pair this tool with our memory depth unit to generate an LAS file. Identify leaks and monitor gaslift performance.

  • Fast Response Temperature Probe (RTD)
  • Welded Pressure Sensor
  • Shock Mounted Electronics
  • 10 Samples/Second Standard
  • 750,000 Sample Capacity
  • Inconel 718 – NACE MR0175

    The fast response external temperature probe is a key measurement device for leak detection. Thermal gradients are identified. The tool also has a piezoresistive pressure sensor and we can merge the data with our memory depth box, cut passes and create an LAS report.

    Quick Specs
    OD External Temperature Probe Housing Material
    1.25" RTD Inconel 718

    1.25" Piezo III & RTD