1.0" Gaslift Gauge

1.0" Gaslift Gauge

BK-2 Latch


The 1.0” side pocket welded piezo memory gauge is shaped like a standard gas lift dummy valve, which allows the customer to deploy the memory gauge the same way you would run a gas lift valve in a one-inch side pocket mandrel with a Bk-2 style latch. 2 x AA battery packs are used in the 1.0” OD side pocket gauge.

*Make sure to use the battery calculator in the DataCan download software to determine maximum job length for specific applications.

  • SS17-4 or Inconel 718
  • 11 Million Sample Capacity
  • Welded Sensor
  • High Shock Mounted Circuit
  • 470 Hz Sample Rate Varient Available - Contact DataCan for Part Number

    The biggest benefit of the 1.0” side pocket piezo gauge is a customer can deploy a gauge without interfering with the wellbore. The Side Pocket Gauge has shock mounted electronics which increases the reliability when kicking over and jarring the latch into the side pocket. This gauge will provide 10+ months of 30 second sample rate data at a 125 °C well temperature with the 2 x AA battery pack.

    Quick Specs
    OD Battery Duration* Benefit
    1.0" 10 months Side Pocket - Tubing

    1.0" Gaslift Gauge