0.75" Piezo & RTD

0.75" Piezo & RTD

Restricted access leak detection.


Leak detection where there's a significant restriction in your wellbore. In this case, a 1" pack-off prevented regular 1.25" OD gauges from passing to the lower completion. Older fields often have pack-off restrictions making the 0.75" Piezo + RTD gauge a good choice for leak detection surveys.

  • External Fast Response Temperature Probe
  • Electron Beam Welded Sensor
  • 10 Samples/Second Standard
  • 750,000 Sample Capacity

    Slimhole downhole pressure gauge with fast response external temperature probe. Excellent shock resistance with our new ballistics shock crystal design.

    Quick Specs
    OD Memory Capacity Housing Material
    0.75" 750,000 Samples Inconel 718

    0.75" Piezo & RTD