Coil Force Gauge

Coil Force Gauge

The Coil Force Gauge (McForcey) is designed to capture and record the downhole forces applied to your coil tubing string and bottom-hole assembly.


Applications Include:
- Measure downhole forces and record to memory.
- Confirm tool location while shifting sleeves.
- Capture high-speed force data and evaluate plug drill-out programs.
- Gain insight into downhole forces for extended reach tool performance.

The Coil Force Gauge has internally mounted strain gauges that measure up to 50,000 lbs of tension and 30,000 lb of compression. The downhole tool also has two onboard pressure sensors measuring up to 15,000 psi internal and external pressure. The tool operates in temperatures up to 300°F (150°C).
Additionally, the tool is robust enough to withstand multiple 50G acceleration events.
The memory capacity allows for the tool to capture 18.5 days worth of data sampling 10 times per second. The Coil Force Gauge acts as a black box recording device to assist engineers in understanding what is happening downhole.

There is no better way to know what actual forces are being transmitted downhole.

  • Measures Tension and Compression
  • Internal and External Pressure
  • Temperature
  • 10 Hz Sampling Frequency
  • 16 Million Sample Capacity
  • 2.875” OD
  • 1.03” ID
  • 90,000 lb Max Tensile Rating
  • 75,000 lb Max Compressive Rating
  • 15,000 psi Internal/External Pressure Rating
  • 300°F Temperature Rating
  • 30 ksi Burst and 15 ksi Collapse Rating
  • Two 2xAA Replaceable Battery Packs
  • Replaceable Smart Sensors
  • Inconel 718 Body with L80 Sleeve

    The Coil Force Gauge is composed of ballistics quality, shockproof parts that are rated for high-temperature use and packaged in a shock-mounted enclosure. It's a simple design that works. It is also programmed and downloaded using DataCan’s easy-to-use Program and Download Software.

    Coil Force Gauge