1.687" Roller Centralizer

1.687" Roller Centralizer

Centrentralize 35lbs.


The Roller Centralizer is a mechanical device that centralizes a tool string while it is run in or out of the wellbore. Hardened steel rollers on the contact points prevent wear on the arms as they expand and contract to fit the wellbore.

The Roller Centralizer is positioned anywhere within the tool string. Often, two Roller Centralizers are used in a string, one at the top and one near the bottom, to further increase the string stability.

  • Use to Centralize Memory Tools in Tubing or Casing
  • 4 Arm Design Evenly Distributes Loading
  • NACE Compliant Construction for Sour Service
  • Available with Either Amerada or Sucker Rod Threads
  • Bidirectional Breakaway

    The Roller Centralizer has low friction, allowing it to move easily in and out of the wellbore. The wheels on the Roller Centralizer are easily replaceable and relatively inexpensive.

    1.687" Roller Centralizer