Inline Flowmeter

Inline Flowmeter

1.688" or 2.125" O.D.


The inline flowmeter contains an electrical through-connection allowing it to be run anywhere in a tool string. When operated in combination with a fullbore flowmeter, the inline flowmeter allows for production profiling in tubing and casing on a single logging run. It may also be used as a backup flowmeter for horizontal well logging where the fullbore spinner may be damaged by debris in the well. This flowmeter performs in all well orientations from vertical to horizontal.

The spinner is mounted by precision roller bearings and rotation detection is through zero drag hall effect devices, giving very low threshold and optimizing low flow measurement. At high flow rates the flowmeter is similarly reliable due to the precision bearings employed in the assembly.

  • Precision roller bearings.
  • Zero drag sensor for low threshold, low-flow measurement.
  • Run at any point in tool string.
  • Deviated and horizontal well operation.

    Due to its small outer diameter, the Inline Flowmeter is capable of measuring flow in small diameter casing and tubing. The lightweight impeller is highly sensitive which allows for accurate flow readings in any flow rate applications, and is especially useful in very low flow rate applications. The impeller unit is self-contained making it easily serviceable.

    Inline Flowmeter