Universal Drive

Universal Drive

DataCan has also introduced a new high torque drive assembly, which delivers twice the amount of torque to the valve shaft. This assembly will become the default drive assembly for all down hole shut in tools.


DataCan’s Universal Drive assembly is used to drive all sizes of DataCan shut in tools. A high temperature drive assembly is available that can operate at temperatures up to 177°C and a high torque universal drive assembly (780:1 gear box) is also now available and offered as our default drive assembly. The Universal Drive is programmed using DataCan download software and is multi cycle programmable for applications where the valve needs to open and close multiple times downhole. Locking 3 X “D” battery packs are used in the drive assembly, which is enough power for the shut in tool to open and close up to 8 times.

  • Drop Test Proven
  • Connects to All DataCan Valves
  • Multiple Cycle Capability
  • USB Communication

Since DataCan’s Universal Drive assembly is a universal connection for all DataCan shut in tools, customers do not need to buy multiple drives to run different sizes of valves.

Universal Drive