3.50" Valve

3.50" Valve

2.50" OD


Instant close, multi-cycle. Downhole shut-in tool.

The process of shutting in a well downhole eliminates wellbore storage effects. Your production tubing needs to be pressurized before the buildup can be recorded. Shut-in downhole, complete your test faster and record better data.

  • Instant Close Time
  • Multiple Cycle Capability
  • Metal to Metal Seals
  • Eliminates Wellbore Storage Effect
  • Modular Design

    DataCan’s downhole shut-in tool allows for a quicker well build-up and better pressure data quality. This saves operators money on downtime and gives reservoir engineers better data for their calculations.

    DataCan’s 3.50” Valve is 2.50” in diameter with a 2.50 square inch flow area and can be used in 3-1/2” or larger tubing. DataCan’s patented instant close valve design has multiple cycle capability and can operate at temperatures up to 177°C. The 3.50” Valve is very durable and can withstand the most physical of downhole conditions.

    3.50" Valve