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Surface Logging Suite

posted on 16 January 2019 10:25 AM by James Wright ( CEO )

DataCan’s surface logging suite is built around our surface pressure or temperature transmitter. The transmitters are fully welded designs that have been calibrated. The transmitters (or smart sensors) can be packaged into a variety of different configurations to meet specific customer needs. DataCan offers a: Digital Chart Recorder, Wellhead Logger, and a new Multi-Channel Surface Logger.

Any pressure or temperature transmitter can be turned into a digital chart recorder. Chart recorder software is loaded onto a laptop, and a special USB cable is attached directly to the transmitter. The Cable can be up to 100 feet long, and is oil resistant. The chart recorder software is very easy to use. One button for stop and one for go. You can toggle between the classic spiral and a standard x-y graph. The laptop continuously stores data to a user determined text file which can be e-mailed or viewed at any time. This digital chart recorder solution is great for customers who do not want to store and file physical Barton charts. Multiple transmitters can be operating and running at one time.

If you can’t have a laptop on location, but you want to record data and have a display. Then we suggest using our Wellhead Logger. This product is the combination of a pressure or temperature transmitter, a digital display, memory, and a large “2 x D” battery pack, all packaged in an explosion proof housing. The wellhead logger is a classic product that is easy to use. Like all surface products, the smart sensor is fully welded. A single button is used to turn the device on and off. A lemo connection allows operators to program and download the wellhead logger using our standard DataCan gauge software. The wellhead logger can come with an antenna, which will send data to a laptop via radio frequency.

The Surface Logger is the second generation wellhead logger. The surface logger gives users much more flexibility when designing a surface testing suite. The surface logger has all of the features of the wellhead logger, but you can now add multiple transmitters to one data logger. The enclosure was redesigned to meet our specific packaging needs. Up to 3 additional wired, and 4 additional wireless transmitters can be connected to the device at a single time.