Single Channel Quartz

Single Channel Quartz


The Single Channel Quartz Logger, like the Piezo Logger, is used to measure either tubing or annulus pressure at the wellhead. However, since it uses a quartz sensor, it produces the highest resolution measurements.
The Single Channel Quartz Logger is easy to use. A single button is used to turn the device on and off. A lemo connection allows operators to program and download the logger using our standard DataCan gauge software. The Single Channel Quartz Logger can come with optional external connections, or a radio antenna, which will send data to a laptop via radio frequency.

Single Channel Quartz
  • Extreme Service Reliability
  • High Resolution Measurements
  • 1 Million Sample Capacity
  • Explosion Proof Enclosure
  • ¼” High Pressure Connection
  • Programmable with DataCan Software
  • Optional External Download and External Start/Stop
  • Powered by Large 2 x D Battery Pack

The Single Channel Quartz logger’s explosion proof enclosure and simple design makes it both safe and very easy to use. The Single Channel Quartz logger also has an exceptionally long battery life and produces the same high quality data that our downhole gauges produce; data that is high accuracy and high resolution while being very reliable in its robust, all weather enclosure.

Single Channel Quartz