Small Surface Box

Small Surface Box


DataCan’s Small Surface Box is similar to our standard Single Gauge Surface Box, but with its smaller design, is great for places where there is limited space (e.g. cab of a truck or existing panel/enclosure). The Small Surface Box is also not weatherproof, so it must be used inside.

Small Surface Box
  • Digital Display
  • 20 Million Sample Capacity
  • Set-Up & Download Via USB
  • Single Gauge Quartz or Piezo Input
  • Two Surface Transmitters Input
  • 4-20 Output
  • ModBUS Output

The Small Surface Box’s biggest benefit is its size. Since the enclosure is so small, it is often used in larger, already existing enclosures, and can be run off the same 12 V power supply. The Small Surface Box also has lots of storage, meaning the customer does not need to get back to it right away to retrieve the data, which is great for when it is being used in an isolated area. Set-up and data download is quick and easy via a USB connection.

Small Surface Box