Memory Logging Software

Memory Logging Software


The DataCan Memory Logging Software merges downhole data with depth to create individual passes. The depth passes are loaded into Premier Logger to compile a complete report including depth correction, overlays, mark up, and shading traces

  • Plot data versus measured depth or true vertical depth (TVD)
  • Use reference passes and depth markers to assist with depth control
  • Export/Import data to various file types including LAS, and TXT files
  • Easily merge separate logging passes or LAS data into one complete
  • Ability to markup log passes
  • Log Track presentation is customizable
  • Simple and accurate real-time depth adjustment
  • Put logs on depth by stretch correcting passes separately
  • Generate PDF and TIF file through Log Composer
  • Shade data traces from/to a particular position in the track
  • Drag and drop for ease of use
  • Use with other Premier Software features to create reports, including Cement Bond Log, Noise Temp Log, and Perforating Record