Tracer Ejector

Tracer Ejector


The Tracer Ejector is used in the identification of flow behind the casing and determines fluid velocity and direction. The Tracer Ejector Tool uses a pressure balanced chamber to eject radioactive iodine. An electrically activated solenoid ejects a finite amount of radioactive fluid in which the concentration is minimal with a short half-life. The Gamma Ray Detectors (sold separately) then determines fluid velocity and direction. Flow profiles can be determined from the data sent to the acquisition system.

  • Non-Motorized
  • Pressure Balanced Chamber
  • Maintains a Constant Internal Pressure which Exceeds the Wellbore Pressure
  • Fill Pump Provides a Safe and Efficient Method of Transfer to Radioactive Fluids
  • Radioactive Fluid Not Provided

The Tracer Ejector tool works independent of well pressure and can be implemented to execute multiple releases in one pass.

Tracer Ejector