The Telemetry Tool is generally wireline deployed, providing real-time data from within a wellbore
to a surface acquisition system. The telemetry can multiplex up to 16 digital channels of data
allowing for use on a single conductor electric line. Included on the telemetry are a casing collar
locater (CCL) and a gamma ray detector. The bottom sub of the telemetry tool contains a multi-pin
connector that permits a variety of production logging tools within a tool string.

  • Wireline deployed - braided or electric line
  • Collects digital data from connected downhole tools
  • Real-time data transmission to surface acquisition system
  • Multiplex up to 16 digital channels
  • Casing collar locater (CCL) and gamma ray detector contained within body
  • Sensitive sodium iodide scintillation crystal used for gamma ray detection

The Telemetry tool can communicate with a full string of Lee Production Logging tools on any type of single conductor wireline. The tool has a digitized CCL for easier decoding and provides real-time surface readout data.