Bowspring Centralizer

Bowspring Centralizer


The Bowspring Centralizer is a mechanical device used to centralize the tool string while it is ran in and out of a cased or tubed well. Keeping the tool string centralized helps to prevent it from getting stuck downhole. The centralizer’s four springs connect to retaining arms that apply even force against the inner wall of the wellbore to stabilize the tool string. It can be positioned anywhere on the tool string except below the Pressure Temperature Flow (PTF) tool. Often, two Bowspring Centralizers are used in a string, one at the top and one near the bottom, to further increase the strings stability.

  • Centers Tool String as it Moves In and Out of Well
  • Arms Expand and Contract to Fit Casing or Tubing
  • Single Pin Version also Available
  • Pass-Through Wire

The Bowspring Centralizer provides electrical contact for all 15 points of contact in a Lee Production Logging String and is quick and easy to service.

Bowspring Centralizer