Shooting Panel

Shooting Panel


The Lee Specialties Shooting Panel is used to remotely fire perforating tools. It performs this function by applying an adjustable, high power DC voltage to the wireline. The Shooting Panel is used to switch between PERF, CCL, LOG, and SAFE mode; as well as switch between two different lines. Its five-stage, two-handed firing process assists in preventing accidental firing of a perforating tool.

Shooting Panel
  • Audible CCL
  • Keyed Operator Lock-Out
  • Adjustable CCL Gain
  • Selectable Input From Two Wirelines
  • ±300VDC, 3 Amp Perforating Output
  • Works with Other Logging Systems

The Shooting Panel is capable of standalone operation and is designed in compliance with API 6a standards. It can also provide up to 900W for generic incendiary tools.

Shooting Panel