Premiere Acquisition Software

Premiere Acquisition Software


The Premier Acquisition Software is a package of applications that allows the operator to acquire, log, assemble, and present various kinds of downhole data. This includes applications for creating well diagrams, customized log headers, tool diagrams, calibration summaries, and logging passes. The Premier Logger is capable of recording and presenting noise logs, cement bond logs, production logs, and all standard pulse tool logs. This software is constantly upgraded and improved based on customer feedback.

The software package consists of the following applications:

-Premier Logger
-Waveform Viewer
-Noise Acquisition
-DSP Manager
-Memory Logging
-LWPL Reports
-Log Header
-Log Composer
-Well Diagram
-Tool Diagram

Premiere Acquisition Software

The Premier Acquisition Software is a complete software package that has an intuitive, easy to use interface to create logging reports.

Premiere Acquisition Software