Premier Acquisition System

Premier Acquisition System


The Premier Data Acquisition System is a fully featured cased-hole logging technology. It consists of the hardware and software required to record, display, and print API format logs. The data is obtained through surface sensors (Linewise), and downhole tools (DSP). This system sets tool operations and enhances perforating safety.

Wireline depth, tension, speed, etc. is collected by the Linewise System and is plotted with downhole tool data in the Premier Acquisition software. The system’s functionality is increased by using a digital signal processor (DSP). This system supports data from many different tool manufacturers.

  • Wireline depth, tension, speed, etc. is collected by Linewise and plotted with tool data in Premier Logging Software
  • Programmable DSP allows for introduction of new tools without the need for new hardware
  • Available as a complete rack-mounted assembly installed in a wireline operating cab or as a portable system
  • Laptop computers provided
  • Safely detonate charges, set bridge plugs, cement retainers, and packers while correlating depth through Linewise Software
  • Capable of logging CCL’s without AC power using laptop batteries

The Premier Data Acquisition System has a modular design that is convenient for in truck use. It is designed for easy monitoring of communication and can be used with a redundant laptop.

Premier Acquisition System