0.75" Welded Piezo RTD

0.75" Welded Piezo RTD


The 0.75” size is best when space is limited and works well for gauge carrier, coiled tubing, and DST operations. The addition of the RTD sensor allows this gauge to quickly detect changes in temperature downhole.

  • External Fast Response Temperature Probe
  • Electron Beam Welded
  • 10 Samples/Second Standard
  • Up to 470 Hz Sample Rate Option
  • Pressure Trigger Option
  • Up to 10 Million Sample Capacity

DataCan’s Piezo Gauges are small, fast, and inexpensive. The piezo sensor design is one of the smallest most compact designs in the industry, making it able to respond quickly to changes in pressure and temperature and ultimately decreasing the cost of the tool.

DataCan’s download software, complete with battery calculator, allows you to program your tool, graph your data, and create a report for your customer.

Quick Specs
OD Battery Duration* Benefit
0.75" 2 to 3 months Small size with an added RTD
0.75" Welded Piezo RTD