Quartz Memory

“After 6 years of operation, DataCan’s tools were still in spec.”
Cost Resolution Accuracy Maximum Temperature Maximum Sample Rate
$$ 0.00006% F.S. 0.02% F.S. 200°C 10 Hz

DataCan’s quartz gauges operate and remain stable at high temperatures and offer high resolution data.

Quartz works hot - All parts of a quartz tool are manufactured to operate at temperatures up to 200°C.

Quartz is more stable - The crystalline structure of the quartz sensor is what makes the tool more stable. Typically, you can go 2 or more years between calibrations with a quartz tool, making it the preferred tool for long term jobs.

Quartz has high resolution - It has 50 times more resolution than a piezo tool (0.00006% vs 0.003% Full Scale). The quartz sensing technology is inherently averaged. The transducer makes 10,000 pressure measurements per second and averages them, resulting in very high resolution data.

All of the data collected with DataCan’s memory tools can be downloaded and analyzed with the DataCan Download software, complete with battery calculator.

*Battery estimations were made assuming a quartz gauge with an 177°C memory module, sampling at 30 frames per second, fitted with a 165°C extended lithium battery option with a well temperature at 250°F.

OD Maximum Temperature Maximum Pressure Battery Duration*
0.75" Quartz DXB II Memory Gauge

0.75" Quartz DXB II Memory Gauge

0.75" 200°C 25,000 psi 7 weeks
1.25" Quartz DXB Memory Gauge

1.25" Quartz DXB Memory Gauge

1.25" 200°C 30,000 psi 7.5 months
1.25" Quartz DXB II Memory Gauge

1.25" Quartz DXB II Memory Gauge

1.25" 200°C 20,000 psi 12 months