Slickline Measuring Head

Slickline Measuring Head


The Slickline Measuring Head is a compact, durable device used to measure depth and speed. The unit mounts to an overhead spooling arm or track. The straight-through design reduces wireline bending, fatigue and wear. The unit supports a digital encoder and mechanical odometer, and is available in Metric or Imperial configurations. The simple side loading, lightweight design makes for effortless installation and maintenance.

Slickline Measuring Head
  • Compact, Lightweight Device
  • Mount to Overhead Spooling Arm or Vertical Spooler
  • Straight-Thru Design Reduces Wireline Bend, Fatigue and Wear
  • Measure 0.072 in. to 0.160 in. Slickline
  • Supports One Digital Encoder and a Mechanical Drive
  • Available in Metric or Imperial Configurations
  • Side Loading

The Slickline Measuring Head is industry proven with recognized accuracy; more accurate than wraparound counters.

Slickline Measuring Head