Portable Memory Recorder

Portable Memory Recorder


The Lee Specialties Portable Memory Recorder is a rugged, compact, portable system capable of recording depth and four other configurable inputs. The PMR is designed to be used with the Lee Specialties Memory Adaptor Tool to provide depth correlation information, but can be made compatible with other systems.

Portable Memory Recorder
  • Depth, Line Speed, Tension, and Two Other Analog Inputs
  • Records All Data to Removable Memory Card (Windows® Compatible)
  • Data can be Viewed and Merged Using Lee Specialties Software
  • Aluminum, NEMA 4, Weatherproof Enclosure, Mil-Spec, Weatherproof External Connections
  • User Selectable Tension Input - Single Ended, Differential, or I 2 C Digital Communications
  • Two Configurable Analog Inputs
  • Samples up to 20 Samples/Second
  • Four Programmable Depth Alarms
  • Internal Rechargeable Battery or External Power Supply

The Portable Memory Recorder (PMR) downloads recorded data for log merging with the push of a button, making it very easy to use. The memory can be read while on board or with any generally available card reader.

Portable Memory Recorder