Linewise System and Software

Linewise System and Software


The Linewise System is a basic acquisition system comprised of hardware and software that records and displays simple process measurements. Examples of these include: depth, line tension, pressure, temperature, and flow. It can measure four analog voltages, four frequency inputs, and depth counter input. The Linewise System can interface with the Lee Specialties DRS Panel, the Magnetic Mark Detector System, and the Winch Shutdown Control System. The hardware that makes up the Linewise System is a laptop computer (existing or DataCan supplied) and a USB interface with four frequency inputs and four analog inputs.

The Linewise System can be used in the following applications:

Weight Indicator (wireline tension: hydraulic, inline, s-link)
CCL Meter (shooting CCL)
Pressure Indicator (wellhead pressure for casing and tubing)
Depth Panel
Linewise Report (data gathering)
Pressure Testing
Flow Testing

Linewise System and Software
  • Simultaneously records and displays wireline depth, speed, tension, and wellhead pressure
  • Ideal for any wireline operation
  • Easy to install
  • Four digital and four analog inputs
  • Analog inputs of 0-5V, 4-20mA, 0-10V
  • Automatically records all data
  • Incorporates existing measurement equipment
  • Works with most manufacturers’ measuring heads
  • Flexible configuration for wireline use, pressure testing, or other operations

The Linewise System is easily configurable for a number of possible customer applications. It is an ultra-compact system that acquires 9 channels of data simultaneously. The simple USB communication eliminates the need for any added drives.

Linewise System and Software