Depth Tension Display

Depth Tension Display


The Depth Tension Display (DTD) is an electronic display that will provide a wireline operator a display of the current depth/ speed and/or tension on the wireline as they are performing operations in a truck or wireline unit. The DTD is configurable to display Depth, Tension and Line speed in a variation of

The DTD will transmit a predetermined format of signal of the tension input to an output connection for the sake of sharing the signal with diferent electronic data acquisition devices such as LineWise.

Depth Tension Display
  • Retains Settings when Powered Down for use During the Next Job
  • Supplies 5 or 12 Volts to an Encoder
  • Supplies Power to Load Pin or Tension Sensor
  • Measures Encoder Pulses up to 9999 Pulses Per Revolution
  • Displays Depth Values in either Metric or Imperial
  • Calculates all Scale Factors and Conversions
  • Configurable Depth-to-Surface Alarm
  • All Parameters are Adjustable via a Numeric Menu
  • Tension easily Calibrated using two step process
  • Configurable display to read: Depth and Speed, Depth and Tension, or Depth Tension and Speed

The Depth/Tension Display conveniently stores the last depth value in case of power loss and has a bright display making it readable in all conditions. It also allows the winch operator to view the tension reading in real time, while providing an output signal for other data recording systems such as LineWise.

Depth Tension Display