Digital Depth Display

Digital Depth Display


The Digital Depth Display measures depth and speed of the line during wireline operations. It connects to a digital encoder on a braided line or slickline measuring head. The Digital Depth Display is designed for operations where the exact size of the wheel that is attached to the encoder is known. This unit is fully independent, or it can be used with Linewise or any system that supports an electronic encoder.

Digital Depth Display
  • Retains Settings when Powered Down for use During the Next Job
  • Supplies 5 or 12 Volts to an Encoder
  • Measures Encoder Pulses up to 9999 Pulses Per Revolution
  • Displays Values in either Metric or Imperial
  • Calculates Scale Factors and Conversions
  • Configurable Depth-to-Surface Alarms
  • All Parameters are Adjustable via a Numeric Menu

The Digital Depth Display conveniently stores the last depth value in case of power loss and has a bright display making it readable in all conditions.

Digital Depth Display