Gauge Carriers

Gauge Carriers


DataCan gauge carriers are designed to be installed in a tubing string or drill pipe and can hold up to four DataCan memory gauges. The gauges are mounted on the outside of the gauge carrier within the OD of the carrier body. This protects the gauges from any damage that may occur during tubing string installation without affecting the ID of the tubing. DataCan gauge carriers are designed to have high tensile strength, and high burst and collapse strength. The metal to metal seal and double o-ring backup prevent leaks from entering, making the gauge carrier a reliable option for installing memory tools downhole.

Gauge Carriers
  • High Tensile Strength
  • High External/Internal Burst/Collapse Strength
  • Metal to Metal Seals with Double O-Ring Backup
  • 2-4 Gauge Carrying Capacity
  • Capability to Measure Internal or External Pressures
  • Custom sizes available upon request

Using a Polaris carrier adapter, the gauges can be configured to measure tubing or annulus pressure. Since DataCan gauge carriers do not affect the ID of the tubing, they also do not interfere with production tubing strings and fluid flow within the tubing.

Gauge Carriers