Down-Hole Memory Gauges

Reliable downhole pressure, temperature, and vibration gauges, built for long term data collection surveys. Able to withstand high pressures and high temperatures. DataCan memory gauges use either quartz or piezoresistive (a.k.a. piezo or “sapphire”) sensors. Our shock mounted electronics are designed to be low powered for extended duration surveys and are drop tested for quality control. Our software is easy to use and allows you to program your tool, graph your data, and create a report for your customer.

DataCan down-hole memory gauges have a number of options that can be added to the tool to suit your needs. Acceleration sensors can be added to determine well deviation or any vibration downhole. External fast response temperature sensors can be used for leak detection, since small leaks lead to small changes in temperature. Flowmeters and CCL sensors can be added to measure flow and approximate depth (with the casing collar locator).

Standard DataCan down-hole memory gauges have sample rates that range from 10 samples per second second to 1 sample per day, which are used to evaluate the productivity during the many stages of a well. Some special gauges have up to 32,000 samples a second which work best during high pressure events, such as measuring the shock waves during the perforation of a well.

DataCan down-hole memory gauges are easy to use with fast and easy to use software, fast program and download speeds, and easy to use graphing software. A new user can learn to program a tool and download data in seconds. DataCan even has a battery calculator built into the software to quickly estimate battery life for given jobs.