1.25" Welded II Piezo Memory Gauge


The 1.25” gauge has a larger diameter barrel which allows for a large enough battery to run the gauge for a long duration job. The 1.25” Welded II design is based off the 1.25” Quartz tool platform. Here, the same battery housing and battery pack is used as the 1.25” Quartz pressure gauge. The Welded II gauge is characterized by its electron beam welded sensor and high pressure rating. The gauge carrier connection on the Welded II is a metal autoclave seal. Hence, for high pressures, and for ported gauge carrier operations, the 1.25” Welded II design is perfect.

*Make sure to use the battery calculator in the DataCan download software to determine maximum job length for specific applications.


  • Super Seal Technology - 30,000 psi @ 1.25” OD

  • Electron Beam Welded

  • Higher Reliability – Shock Mounted Electronics

  • 0.1s Fast Sample Rate Option

  • Pressure Trigger Option

  • 1 Million Sample Capacity

  • Inconel 718 – NACE MR0175


DataCan piezo gauge design is one of the smallest most compact designs in the industry, which ultimately helps decrease the cost of the tool. DataCan piezo gauges also have excellent efficiency, meaning the battery life of the tool is just as good, if not better than competitors. DataCan piezo gauges have shock mounted electronics which means they have high reliability. DataCan program and download software is industry leading with the fastest graphing package available that is both customizable and easy to use.

1.25" Welded II Piezo Memory Gauge