Quartz Memory Module LTR


The Quartz Memory Module LTR is used in our 1.25” Quartz DXB gauges and allows for the memory module to be upgraded in the field. With three temperature options, DataCan customers can pick the best memory module to suit their needs. The blue 125°C option has ultra-low power consumption which works best for extended downhole tests. The green 177°C option has low power consumption and works best for general use. The red 200°C option is our highest temperature rated option for use in hottest wells.


  • Long Term Reliability Package to Protect Your Data and Extend Electronics Life

  • Drop in Replacement for Standard Module

  • Shock Mounted Electronics

  • 3 Temperature Options


At any time, a DataCan customer can change the memory module out for a new memory module or to a surface readout module. The Quartz memory module LTR is also very reliable as the electronics are shock mounted and hermetically sealed.

Quartz Memory Module LTR