Quartz Memory

DataCan uses the newest quartz transducers for all of our quartz pressure gauges. All of our transducers have Hybrid electronics which can withstand temperatures up to 225°C.

Quartz works hot – If you need a high temperature solution, you need quartz. Piezo sensors tend to drift at temperatures above 150°C (the diffusion layer in the silicon die begins to leak resistance). Quartz tools will operate to temperatures around 200°C, and the data will remain stable.

Quartz has high resolution – 100 times more resolution than a piezo tool (0.00006% vs 0.0003% Full Scale). The quartz sensing technology is inherently averaged. The transducer is making 10,000 pressure measurements per second and averaging them. The result is very high resolution data.

Quartz is more stable – Less drift than a Piezo tool. Typically you can go 2 years or more between calibrations with a quartz tool. Quartz tools are preferred for long term high temperature jobs.