Multi-Channel Quartz


The Multi-Channel Quartz is very similar to the Single Channel Quartz, but the user can now connect up to 3 additional external transmitter devices at a single time. This gives users much more flexibility when designing a surface testing suite.


  • Extreme Service Reliability

  • High Resolution Measurements

  • 1 Million Sample Capacity

  • Explosion Proof Enclosure

  • ¼” High Pressure Connection

  • Easy to use Software for Programming & Data Analysis


The Multi-Channel Quartz logger’s explosion proof enclosure and simple design makes it both safe and very easy to use. The Multi-Channel Quartz logger also has an exceptionally long battery life and produces the same high quality data that our downhole gauges produce; data that is high accuracy and high resolution while being very reliable in its robust, all weather enclosure.

Multi-Channel Quartz